Welcome to baby sitter cat nursery!!! Where you can bath, food, house decoration, sleep scene, dress up and hair style of the little cute cat.

Bath: Shower the Little cute baby cat using soap, wash her hair and brush fur.

Dress Up: Cute meow kitten loves to look pretty. Dress up the baby pet kitty with new different shirts. Put on the glasses on kitty baby cat’s eyes. Use hairband for fluffy kitten baby pet’s hair.

Hair Style: Start cutting of the baby pet animal’s long hair in baby sitter kitty simulator then create new hairstyle by using curler and straightener.

Food You can food the beautiful baby pet meow kitten. There is milk, fish, meat, kitting jam, fruits etc. to eat in pet baby daycare center.

House Decoration: You can décor little kitty pet animal’s house. You can build the house for fluffy cute baby cat and color it.

Sleep It’s time to sleep, you can put the pet kitty cat on her bed. Off the table lamp that pet animal baby cat can sleep easily.


§ 7 scenes in meow kitten baby nursery.

§ Every scene has different tasks to do.

§ Tap on the trees to get coins.

§ Get coins to unlock the next level.

§ Awesome and interactive graphics.

§ Get experience of cute kitten pet baby at fluffy meow kitten animal care center.

§ Easy control on baby pet care game.

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