Welcome kitty lovers! Say hello to the world of kitty fashion and hair styling where everything is about kitty cats. If you love little kitties and if you would love to give them an amazing care pet makeover then you are in the right place! Give these cute little kittens hair care makeovers and make them look like the most stylish kitties you have ever seen.

In this kitty fashion world everything is possible! You can choose your own adorable little kitty cat and give her the coolest little crazy care makeover she deserves! You can wash, blow dry and style your little kitty’s hair in your master hair beauty salon! Being a kitty crazy hair care salon master you will have the responsibility of making these kitties look the prettiest!

In this amazing kitty care beauty salon master, you will feel as if you are taking care of little kitty in real life. You will not only have to give pet kitty care style makeovers to these adorable little kittens but you will also have to take care of them! You will have to feed them their favorite foods and bathe them in a bubble bath.

You will also have to brush their teeth to make sure they do not smell bad. Your little kitty is entirely dependent on you, so make sure you take good care of her in your pet care spa fashion world. You can also dress up your little kitty in cute little fashion care clothes and make her look like little kitty fashion diva!

You can even make a kitty home so that she can have a place to stay and rest! Your precious little kitty deserves the best so make sure you give her the best funky hair treatment and care treatment ever! If you are ready to play with us then jump on you have some real care styling to do in this fashion world only for kittens!


Feed your darling little kitty cat and earn lots of points.

Select the kitty you want to give a care makeover to and make her the stylish little kitty ever!

Give your little kitty a hair wash,a fabulous haircut, blow dry or increase your little kitty’s hair growth with the amazing potions.

Easy to understand tutorial that will make your funky hair care styling experience way better!

Give your pretty little kitty a hair growth and care style makeover!

Brush them, curl them or straighten them do whatever you like with your kitty’s hair!

Earn a lot of points by giving your little kitty the care treatment it deserves!

Give your little kitty cat a bath and do not forget to brush her little kitty teeth!

Really adorable animation and characters will win your heart as soon as you start playing this care game.

Adorable sound effects are sure to melt your heart! These great sound effects will make your kitty hair care styling experience a wonderful one.

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