Enjoy hotel cleaning with this fun animal games for free and become the best animal hotel clean up, master. This is the most entertaining pet animal hotel cleaning fun game with lots of hotel cleaning items.

With this pet animal hotel cleanup, you are going to have five cute animals and chubby pets for pet animal hotel cleaning purpose.

Five cute pets chubby pets will help you to clean the rooms. The pet animals are ready to clean up their animal hotel. This is a fun entertaining cleaning fun game.

Five poets will perform their assigned duties as:

Bunny: cute baby bunny will be at the hotel reception for the customers care and service and to welcome them for pet animal hotel cleanup.

Kitty: kitty will perform the duty for bathing and washing of the hotel and also present the best hotel with other facilities.

Tiger: the tiger is responsible for dressup and clothing. Instruct tiger better for best dressup.

Pony: cute pony pet will do hair spa and hair cleaning and washing.

Dog: this hotel is having a cute pet dog for room service and hotels that allow dogs to visit. The chubby pet dog will do the room cleaning.

Pet animals will help you to make their hotel the most beautiful one!! Download this super exciting animal hotel cleaning game!


Cool method of animal hotel cleaning to start.

Variety of animal hotel room cleaning items

Free and easy controls to play and clean

Joyful music and delighting graphics

Creates a completely new look for lovely animals to live in the animal hotel

Learn to be the best pet animal hotel cleaner

Clean and arrange the things around

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