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Creative Bee (“Creative Bee”, “we”) are committed to protecting users ( “User” or “Your”) Personal Data. Typically, the company collects your data when you first use our Services (i.e. when you install a mobile game application); when you play the game (e.g. in-game event analytics and personalized gameplay experiences); and when you interact directly with us (e.g. customer service correspondence). We believe you have a right to know about our policy regarding the information we may collect and use when you use our Apps.

Special Provisions for Children and Family

We take special care while designing applications for families and children. This includes ensuring the advertisements allowed in our apps and games for children are family appropriate. We use Google Play approved third party ad networks and ensure in games designed for families and children users are not served personalized ads.

We display Family Friendly Ads via the following Google Play Approved Ad Networks:



Google Admob



We also work with third party analytics service providers that enable us to make our games more enjoyable and improve our game experience. These enable us to make improvements to our UI and UX among others.

The privacy policy of the analytics we use are:

COPPA Certified Kids and Family Games:

Fried Chicken Games has established COPPA compliant privacy practices and has agreed to provide COPPA-based games/apps for our children and family users.

No Interest Based Ads in Games Designed for Families

Following Google Play policy, interest based or personalized ads are disabled in our games designed for families. We do not permit personalized advertising in games designed for families.


Data Access and Collection

Non-personal and Gameplay Information

After receiving consent from the user by agreeing with this privacy policy, Creative Bee may gather data on how the user interacts with the application. This is collected through the use of third-party analytics services.

When you use our services, data is automatically collected from you, sometimes in partnership with approved third party analytics service providers. We may collect your unique device identifier, IP address, mobile phone carrier, game progress, time spent playing, and achievements. This information is for internal use only and is not sold or shared to any third party.

This information is used to constantly improve the game experience and bring improvements in the app.


Personal Information

Collection of Personal Data

Personal information is information that identifies you and that may be used to contact you online or offline. The Company collects personal information from you on a voluntary basis. When you submit personal information to the Company, it will usually take the form of:

Registration for Online Services, jobs, products, contests, and special events. Subscribing to newsletters or alerts. Purchasing downloadable content, virtual items, or virtual currency for use with our software and/or Online Services. Requesting technical support, downloading demos, programs, or other software. When you contact us via email, social network, or phone.

When you submit information to the Company via our Online Services, or information is collected as described in this Privacy Policy, that information is received by the Company. The Company uses this information to send you promotional materials, to provide you with access to our services, to fulfill product orders, to fulfill “tell a friend” requests, and to respond to questions or technical problems.

The data we collect has the following legal basis. Either express consent obtained through an in app notification, or as a necessity of fulfilling the legitimate request made to us by the user.

Creative Bee does Not Knowingly collect personal information from Children

The Company does not knowingly collect personal information from children under 13 years old (or older, if applicable law provides for different protections). If Creative Bee becomes aware that a child has submitted information to the Company, Creative Bee deletes this information immediately. Creative Bee encourages parents to instruct their children to never give out their real names, addresses, or phone numbers, without permission, when using the Internet.


Our apps carry out third party advertising via Google Play approved third party ad networks. Ads are not personalised for games designed for families. We may cross promote our other games and apps in our apps. We may also choose to cross promote other affiliated developer accounts which have the same values and privacy policy as us.

Does the Company Share my Information?

Creative Bee does not share personal data of its users without prior consent.

The Company may share your personal information to fulfill a request you have made, such as signing up for an email list or requesting customer support. In the event Creative Bee offers services or promotions where your personal information is separately collected and used according to the privacy policy of a third party, Creative Bee will inform you of that at the time of collection and you may elect not to participate in the service or promotion.

After consent from the user is obtained for the collection and sharing for Analytics and Advertising purposes, we may share the data with the Google Play Approved Partners such as:

  • Analytics Platforms: These allow us to gain insights into how the user interacts with the app and identify areas of improvement in our game.
  • Ad Networks: Ad Networks help us generate revenue by monetizing our ad inventory and provide a high quality game experience for free.


Creative Bee uses Game Analytics Advertising Feature to gain insight into our user’s preferences and make better games for them. These features include Remarketing, Impression reporting, integration with DoubleClick and Demographic & Interest reporting.We may also use cookies and anonymous identifiers to collect information and help target advertising. This is not combined with any personal information you may have voluntarily submitted to us. You can adjust cookies settings via your browser to either accept or reject them.

Data Security and Protection

Creative Bee makes sure user data is kept securely. Data is kept behind a firewall. Only authorized personnel have access to the data, and only when their work requires the data. The data is stored in secure environments, both digital and physical access is secured. We also only work with Google Play Approved third parties which have similar standards of data privacy and protection.

Registration Information:

Some of Creative Bee’s games give users the option of creating a profile. This profile is completely optional and is used to provide additional features to the user, such as the ability to interact with other users, become part of a public leaderboard or participate in competitions.

The creation of such profiles may require the provision of such information such as a username or age among others. The provision of this information is entirely voluntary and is not required to play the game. Some parts of this information such as the username might be made public but only if it has been designated as public in the user settings.

Payment Information:

Purchases may be initiated by the user or if the user is a minor, made by an adult guardian or under their supervision. These purchases include in-game items, virtual currency or anything else being provided in the game or application.

Processing this information will require information such as your name, phone number, email addresses, billing and payment addresses and complete credit card information to be shared with our payment processing partners to enable them to process your payment.

Data Retention:

Any personal information that is voluntarily submitted to Creative Bee by users, for example: email addresses in relation to feedback or complaints sent to Creative Bee, are treated with confidentiality and kept secure. It is not shared with third-parties.

Once data is not needed for a reasonable time frame, it is deleted from company records.

If you would like Creative Bee to delete any of your personal data, submit a request to:

Amendments in our Policy:

We may modify our privacy policy at any time without directly informing our users. Creative Bee has all rights related to its Privacy Policy & amendments.


Please contact us with any concerns or questions about this privacy policy.

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