Calling all yummy sweet dessert maker lovers! Begin awesome sweet cake maker adventure with this amazing kids dessert cooking games. Make the best dessert food sweet dishes in this creamy cake baking dessert maker bakery. This sweet dessert maker baking games will make you the best tasty bakery cuisine chef!

This yummy cake baking games will make the best creamy dessert baker chef ever! Have fun while cooking kitchen dessert food. This crazy baking games adventure at the dessert making sweet pastry shop will make you the best dessert baker chef! This cute cake decorating game for girls is a sweet baking kitchen game for girls.

Dress Up The Bakery Chef :

Dress up your awesome dessert baking chef! Dress her up into cute new dresses and make her look like a cute yummy dessert bakery owner!

Cake Maker Shop :

Welcome to the best cake maker dessert shop for all creamy cake dessert bakery lovers. This sweet cake making bakery is every dessert lover’s dream come true. All creamy cake bake makers unite! Make crazy yummy sweet chocolate cakes and become the best cake baking dessert chef in this crazy tasty dessert cooking game! This cake game will become your favorite cake making and decorating game.

Cookie Maker Shop:

Hello from the cookie maker dessert shop! This cute cookie making dessert shop will give you cute baked cookies with decoration toppings in the dessert chef games for kids. This awesome cookie game is the best cookie baking dessert app! . Make delicious baked cookies in this awesome cookie maker games and become the best yummy cookie making chef baker!

Glazed Donut Shop :

This glazed donut maker shop is the best sweet dessert making games for every donut making dessert lover! This glazed donut games will teach you awesome glazed donut making recipes. This crazy glazed donut sweet dish will be your favorite new sweet bakery dessert! This awesome dessert food game will make you a sweet dish glazed donut maker

Donut Maker Shop :

This awesome dessert donut maker bakery is the crazy sweet baked donut chef’s dream come true. Become the favorite donut baker chef in crazy donut making games for kids! This dessert game is the best baking game for kids!

Milkshake Maker Shop :

This yummy milkshake frozen dessert shop is here in frozen food mania!.Become crazy milkshake maker in this crazy milkshake making game! This sweet frozen drink maker game you can become the best milkshake making kitchen chef! Introduce awesome milkshake making recipes in the bakery mania dessert shop!


Open up your own crazy cooking kitchen bakery and make yummy cakes!

Dress your chef up into amazing costumes and chef dresses.

Make your customers happy by baking them exactly yummy cakes just like what they asked for!

Whip up new recipes and make some delicious baked goods!

Decorate your tasty baked cake and make it look so pretty that your loyal customers have no choice but to pay you full amount for your yummy baked cakes!

Learn amazing new recipes and great cake making bakery hacks.

Pack your customers yummy baked creamy cake in a cute little gift box.

Take your loyal customer’s order and make them happy by giving them the accurate order.

The amazing HD Graphics will make this yummy cake maker experience even better for you!

The sound effects will make this yummy cake shop baking experience even more tasty!

Make yummy milkshakes by mixing all the ingredients & making the best ice cream milkshake for your customers!

Make sweet yummy Donuts of any flavour you like!

Get your loyal customers sweet tasty glazed donuts and make them the happiest customers ever!

Learn the awesome recipe of cupcakes and become the best cupcake making baker!

Make delicious Cookies of your choice and put all kinds of toppings on them to make your sweet cookie loving customer happy!

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