Fluffy slime making is fun, do you want to become most fluffy jelly maker ? So, join our fluffy slime maker and DIY rainbow fun factory. Make and play fluffy slime, DIY rainbow and play features which not only demonstrates how to make fluffy jelly but also teaches you how to make and learn.

Want to spend some quality time as a slime maker & satisfy with DIY rainbow fun. So, Learn to make DIY fluffy slime rainbow which is so cool and real hit, definitely worth trying for you if you love making own slime in slime maker factory. Slime maker DIY rainbow fun is an incredible experience to fulfil your jelly making dreams and inner satisfaction.

Slime maker satisfying DIY rainbow fun game is crazy fun busting jelly making game .If you want a sparkling fluffy jelly be sure to follow all the steps provided in this super crazy slime maker DIY rainbow fun , you will definitely love how colorful and pretty DIY slime rainbow looks too!

There is a lot of fun to do including fluffy slime making using different things without borax, making slime without glue. Just follow the instructions and make fluffy slime. Choose food coloring for your slime maker factory as you like. Mix all the ingredients together for slime maker fun , you will get amazing DIY fluffy jelly.


Realistic slime maker rainbow fun simulation : Stretch, squish, knead, pop slime, DIY slime.

Choose from different types of fluffy slime and have fun with DIY rainbow.

Different ingredients for slime maker for each type of fluffy slime.

Shake your phone until you make it fluffy slime.

Most satisfying sound, turn up the volume and listen your fluffy slime fun as you touch it.

Each fluffy slime different from others, unique textures, colors and different behavior for each slime fun.

DIY! Create your own fluffy and rainbow slime.

Choose from multiple materials, colors and even glitter, shaving foam and other outstanding stuff for DIY rainbow fun.

Outstanding high quality graphics.

Easy instructions and guidelines for slime maker and DIY rainbow.

Amazing background sound to guide you and feel like a fun.

Many fantastic and magical effects in slime textures.

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