If you just can’t get over the Halloween fever then come and bake with us some yummy monster cupcakes in this dessert kitchen! If you love ghosts then you can just bake monster cupcakes and decorate them with creepy decorations to make your dessert cupcakes even more spooky. You can become the best spooky cupcake creator with the cutest little monster cupcake maker kitchen.

The best thing about our creepy little monster kitchen is that we have all kinds of cute monster themed kitchenware. Our spooky little cupcake maker will make the art of cupcake making all the more fun for you. You can learn how to make dessert monster cupcakes through this little baby dessert cupcake kitchen guide!

You can make the best creepy little monster cupcakes ever by mixing the flour, eggs, butter, sugar and salt! When you are done stirring this dessert cupcake mixture, just put them in the monster molds. After putting the mixture in the monster mold just put them in the good monster dessert oven and let it bake in your cupcake salon!

When your cute little sweet cupcakes are baked then just put the monster style cream on your cupcakes and put on the dessert cupcake decorations to make them deliciously tasty to see! You can even change the mold of your cute dessert cupcakes to make it look more spooky in your dessert kitchen! When you are done just present you dessert little cupcakes to the world.

Take a picture of delicious monster cupcakes desserts and post it on social media or save it in you gallery to show it to your mommy!


Make yummy monster cupcakes with the help of tasty ingredients!

Mix all the ingredients flour, eggs, butter, milk, sugar and salt all together!

Put the sweet little cupcakes in the monster cupcake molds.

Now put baby monster cupcakes in monster baking oven and bake the little cute monster cupcakes!

After taking out your tasty baked monster cupcakes out of the monster oven put them on the counter top of dessert kitchen to decorate them!

Decorate your monster cupcakes with creepy decorations and make them as scary as possible.

Put on monster style cream on your creepy monster cute cupcakes!

Select your own creepy little molds and make your tasty monster cupcakes look really spooky.

Prepare you creepy monster cupcakes and take a picture of them to post on your social media or show it to your mommy!

Cute but cute sound effects will make you want to bake the spookiest cupcakes ever in the cupcake salon!

These little monster cupcakes maker animation will win your heart and it will make you want to bake real monster cupcakes.

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