Do you love to take care of a cute baby at Toon Town: daycare nursery??? Do you like a beautiful cute baby?? Have you tried to look after the pretty baby? Then, you must like Toon Town: daycare center game. Do you love to play baby daycare games? Love to play taking care of kids and babysitting infants in kids palace game. Pretend daycare center kids dressup and makeover.

Have a warm WELCOME at neat and beautiful cute baby sitter nursery 😊! Enjoy the ultimate baby care at toon town baby daycare nursery. Play with little kids and fed them in the baby daycare toddlers home. Pretend play toddlers babysitting & school playground with dozen of cradle fun.

Play with cute town baby and give education in the beautiful baby play room. Give food to cute baby child when they feel hungry. Go to the kitchen room of baby nursery, make favorite food and eat with a sweet baby in toon town baby nursery. Day care pretend games fun with family childcare kids home.

Enjoy music with toon town baby in music room by doing painting. Give bath to show your love and care about small baby. Play different types of games in playground. Play mini toon town daycare games & enjoy the ultimate fun of my town babysitter game. Day-care town games for kids.

In end Cute toon town baby wants to sleep. Go to the sleeping room and make sure to cover them with their blankets. Download now and have fun 😊! My family town house game day care nursery. Enjoy both winter summer seasons & dress up pretend to play town games for kids.

Look after the cute baby in toon town daycare nursery & show your love and play with cute baby in the playground. Get points and unlock the next scenes with epic and beautiful graphics. Stunning and ultra-addictive background sounds. Amazing animations of babysitter & toddler baby with smooth and interactive game play.

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